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Mission, vision and values


Long life, functionality, an aesthetic appearance, and state-of-the-art technology are the requirements that are met by SOPREMA products for peace of mind at every stage of the process, from installation to end-user reliability. Products are continually optimized and increase in number through the creation of new ranges or the widening of existing ones. Once in place though, they have soon forgotten thanks to their unobtrusive yet reassuring presence.




With the company being a major player in the construction industry, and protection being our center of expertise, at SOPREMA we have set high standards for ourselves that are reflected in the uncompromising quality of the solutions that we offer. With over a century of internationally acclaimed innovations, SOPREMA can offer you the best waterproofing using smartly designed products. Our high-quality products indeed anticipate changing needs and our components and installation methods are friendly towards both the environment and people, whether they be those from the industry or end users. SOPREMA has a vision and has been a pioneer in many fields. Determined to keep it that way, our strategic focuses and choices are more than ever driven by a dedication to innovation for the greater welfare of all.



    Twenty years ago already, SOPREMA initiated an approach for the optimal reconciliation of economic development, social progress, and respect for the environment. On the basis of the values of responsibility, partnership, innovation, prevention, and solidarity, the company has taken a number of steps to limit the impact of its activity and products on nature and on humans, through its Department of Sustainable Development.
    Products designed to be safe for people and the environment. Addressing the needs of customers and providing innovative products is the core business of our R&D departments. We share the knowledge gained through research, in the service of our customers and the industry.
    SOPREMA takes care to locate its manufacturing and distribution centers strategically to minimize road-miles and provide faster delivery times.
    Meeting current needs while protecting the environment is the challenge that SOPREMA has taken on by producing sustainable materials and minimizing its environmental impact. As early as 1997, the company was awarded the ISO 14001 certification, a sign of its commitment to continual improvement in terms of environmental management. It has also created a «green label», which makes it easier to identify the products and services it has developed specifically for sustainability. This identification is valuable when it comes to meeting environmental criteria for HEQ projects
    Customer satisfaction is a fundamental value for SOPREMA. Major areas of research are aimed at offering efficient solutions, and also at developing products that protect the environment and users alike. Quality, safety, and environmental protection are priorities under the policy of the company.