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News 7 September 2016

In December 2015, SOPREMA inaugurated its new polyisocyanurate insulation panel manufacturing plant. To complement this product, and to provide outstanding support to its customers, SOPREMA decided to create a team of specialists in sloped roof estimation and drawing design. The company is now the only Canadian manufacturer with an in-house slope design service. Thus architects can be sure that all of their needs are met in one place, thanks to the synergy between SOPREMA’s slope service and its sales force.

Effective Solutions for Any Project

Ensuring proper water flow on a roof is an imperative at all times, both for a new construction project and the repair of a flat roof. It is therefore important to get good advice regarding estimations and shop drawing designs.

During the development phase, the SOPREMA team provides clients with guidance and expertise regarding the design of plans and specifications. Plans are designed optimally and conceptualized in order to minimize the loss of materials and avoid waste on site. During the execution phase, the slope design service team can travel on construction sites to give advices and take precise measurements to ensure that the different slope products comply with plans. The team also suggests many specialized products, such as pre-cut crickets for mechanical units, and insulation boards starting at a little more than ‘zero inch’, which allow savings on the cost of labour.

For more information, email slope@soprema.ca.

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